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IIn this program, perfect care is taken for the complete oral care of your child.

And this is completely free and worry-free for you.

This is possible because many of the costs are covered by insurance. And furthermore, we are a team that aims to guarantee really good care for children. So we bear part of the costs.


The program covers everything in oral care that your child needs: prevention, treatment, cleaning, nutritional advice and transport to and from school.

Get & delivery service

We will pick your child up from school to the dentist and back together with other children.


Due to our close collaborations withschools significantly less absenteeism for the kids.

Delivery service on foot, cargo bike or bus completely free of charge. We have specially trained staff for this.

Dental check-up and treatment

By introducing children to the dentist at an early age, things will not be so bad and together we will prevent them from having bad teeth later on.

By U.S "Just Cool"prevention program and dental treatments up to70% less chance of cavities.

Fully customized prevention plan with clear reporting of your child's oral health at agreed intervals. 


nutritional advice

Holistic, integrated treatment plan that starts with oral care, then extends to nutritional advice and can also include exercise and behavioral advice.

Getting the kidsnutritional advice and are made aware of, for example, sugars in soft drinks and sweets in a playful way.

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Cleaning package & back to school

After the visit to the dentist, the children receive acleaning package to be able to brush their teeth properly at home and a report with our findings.

We then take them back to school. (17).png

Register your child now completely FREE

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Complete oral care

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Guaranteed free of charge

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More than 40 schools are participating!


Get & Delivery service

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